Review of Cirro Energy Texas PUC # 10034, in Texas

We have slelected the very Best Utility Companies that Texas has to offer!!

Last update 3-16-2018
ReviewReview of Cirro Energy Texas PUC # 10216

Cirro Energy Texas

Date certified in Texas 10-1-2013

A+ BBB Rating

Circular Energy offers a complete range of electricity services to homes and business in deregulated Texas — from innovative electricity products and energy intelligence to renewable energy solutions.

Industry rating by state derived from objective public data sources. The average number of lightning STARS for all sources where data is available. (Maximum 5 stars for excellence rating.


Utiltiy review of 18 Utiltiy companies in Texas!  JUST CLICK on UTILITY LOGO to obtain review of Utiltiy.

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We are proud to provide the BEST services in Texas

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Three Reasons:
1) Through our extensive research, we discovered the BEST 18 leading energy providers in Texas, which have established a reputation for
excellent rates & outstanding service. 2) Our dedication, loyalty & fiduciary responsibility to our customers and not to any one
Utility company!  3) Utility companies prefer to work with well establish companies such as ours, which they find it more economical
to get new customers than put a sales force out into the field. ****************** So our service to you is free!

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What you
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Best Business electricity Rates in Texas is 4.28 cents per kWh
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